Mini Book Review: Forever Charmed (#1 of the Halloween LaVeau Series) by Rose Pressey


Forever Charmed (Halloween Laveau, #1)Forever Charmed by Rose Pressey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well for the genre of paranormal romance, beach-fare, chick-lit, Forever Charmed is pretty well done. The flow is good, the read is fast and the material is light and engaging.

The not-so: The love triangle seems forced rather than interesting. The big bad conflict is more of an annoyance than sinister. Mom feels more like a sister. The best friend has strange moments that don’t feel right as a best friend. She steps up the plate when needed rather than she’s playing an active role. The plot has a good amount of check-your-brains factor.

The bad: The ending. Sheesh. Yes I know it’s a series… but really?

Reading the next book? Well, no. Fun while it lasted but I don’t need to go on.

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