Fanny Kemble : A Passionate Victorian


I came across this hardcover in a Goodwill store today and was stumped. Obviously Fanny was such a notable Victorian a whole book was written about her by Margaret Armstrong – yet I’d never heard of her.  

It sounds like she led a fascinating life.

From Wikipedia :

“Frances Anne “Fanny” Kemble (27 November 1809 – 15 January 1893) was a notable British actress from a theatre family in the early and mid-19th century. She was a well-known and popular writer, whose published works included plays,  

hard cover used book
 poetry, eleven volumes of memoirs, travel writing and works about the theatre.”
  Also from Wikipedia:

“Numerous books have been written about Fanny Kemble and her family, including Deirdre David’s A Performed Life (2007) and Vanessa Dickerson’s inclusion of Kemble in Dark Victorians (2008). Earlier works were Fanny Kemble (1933) by Leota Stultz Driver and Fanny Kemble: A Passionate Victorian (1938) by Margaret Armstrong”

A Journey to Stonehenge with Richard Salley


Two intensive days of melting scrap and fusing metals to create texture and interest. This is my 6th class with most amazing metal smith Richard Salley at the Art Is You artist retreat. I cobbled together five pieces in two days with a big project to work on at home started. There is still much to be done on finishing but very pleased with the results. 

1. Large Ring with Dinosaur bone with Sterling and copper 

2. Yellow dendritic opal ring in Sterling. 

3. Sterling band with bronze.

 4.Pendant with serpetina, aventurine, Sterling, copper and bronze 

5. Copper panel bracelet with Sterling silver, bronze and carnelian.