We’ve got 5 pounds to read…

The guide books have arrived for Germany & Amsterdam. The jury is still out on where to fly to. Options are Munich, Frankfurt and Amsterdam – and London of course – if we’re completely crazy and want to do a channel crossing.

The Rough Guide to Germany I really liked their 34 things to do at the start of the book in color. Now that I have a very detailed map (thanks Michelin) and one larger scale that was included in the Rick Steeves book I think planning a route is possible. I was having a hard time going from “destination” location to google maps. Somehow a paper map is better. Maybe because I can touch it. More maps came today so I now have a big picture and very detailed close-ups.

Just got Rick Steeve’s Germany from Netflix. We watched all the Ireland travel videos before we went and it really gave us insight into where we were headed. Tonight we watched the Rhine/Mosel and Cologne (Koln)/Black Forest segments. Things to note were the Rothenburg Christmas Museum and Steeve’s favorite Rhine castle Burg Eltz. The Black Forest segment led me to remember that I should look for “Folk Parks” along with zoo parks and castle destinations.

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