We’re Going…but Where are We Going?

Airline Tickets are booked. We’re heading to Amsterdam. That’s as far as the solidity in the travel planning goes.

Hotel booking is in progress – a slow, arduous project. We’re close on a couple and are narrowing a few more. We’ve spent our hours remaking and reworking the itinerary. I’ve made some notes of the top running choices we’ve cross-referenced so I can keep track.

So here’s that list of the leading hotels for our upcoming adventure:

Near Liege (Belgium)

  • Hostellerie Lafarque – Domaine des Douys
  • Near Rhine/Frankfurt/Mosel (Germany)

  • Auf Schoenburg
  • Near or in Rotenburg ob Taubern (Germany)

  • Schloss Sommersdorf
    Hotel Markusturm
  • Salzburg (Austria)

  • Schloss Leopoldskoin
    Schloss Haunsperg
  • Wachau (Austria)

  • Gasthof Nikolaihof
    Hotel Schloss Durnstein
    Hotel Richard Löwenherz
  • Alto Adige (Italy)

  • Schloss Korb
    Villa Tivoli
    Hotel Gardena-Grödnerhof
  • Some Castle & Historic Hotel Links:

  • Germany: Culture & Castle
    Germany: Castle Hotels
    Castle & Palace Hotels
    Live like a German (this site offers vacation rentals but some are castle apts.)
    Historic Hotels (Germany)
  • Other Travel/Hotel/Trip Planning Links:

  • Via Michelin (Yes that Michelin. – Also look at the Online Green Guides)
    The Romantic Road
    NY Times Travel Guides
    The Fairytale Road
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