Life in a half a day…

A home day today. All activities canceled as I’m under the weather and not really feeling like doing anything… So at 2:45pm I figure the day is shot as I’ve accomplished nothing… then I reflect.

It’s no wonder I never get anything done because I’m so busy doing stuff.

What we did today (so far):

  • Made Waffles
    Watched the End of The Great Race & the entirety of Cannonball Run
    Fielded emails about Hotel reservations for Europe.
    Restructured the itinerary for Europe reflecting the emails.
    Made Chicken Stock
    Replied to email request for an interview.
    Trent built a helo-bot out of Lego and i got to view it and the A-team ship he modified.
    Figured out the Snap Electronics Kit with Trent and watched him build models (including a number of custom ones).
    Diverted some of the experimenting 1) so it didn’t wreck the set or 2) cause sudden injury – while trying to support exploration and tinkering.
    Made lunch so the boys could eat al fresco on the upstairs deck (the red fox was sleeping on the garage roof nearby) while they played cards.
    Reminded Trent he had to p/u the neighbor’s paper (his job this week)
    Strained the stock and made celery soup.
    Made Tea.
    Took out a pork tenderloin to defrost for dinner
    Made orange-ade with trent from the sour oranges the boys foraged from the neighbor’s tree while Trent was bike riding.
    Pressed a fallen orchid flower.
    Fielded an email from our favorite tomato grower arranging to p/u biodynamically grown plants this weekend.
    Attempted to book a SF hotel for later this week.
    Scoped out a couple of German, Austrian & Italian hotels.
    Watched Trent make a windmill out of the Snap Circuit motor and a piece of mylar circuit board he pulled out a toy he disassembled.
  • and of course read personal email, twittered and facebooked… and blogged.

    See I did NOTHING.

    The Windmill

    The Helo-bot
    The A-team transport

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