Sparks from World Maker Faire

September has once again delivered a burst of positive energy. From a few days at the beach to World Maker Faire to science at the Exploratorium in SF to playing with PMC to exploring NYC; the sparks are flying. My biggest challenge is to try and stay centered while all this wonderful energy fills our days with passion.

The World Maker Faire was really inspiring. I personally found the idea of conductive fabric irresistible and will have to find time to take on the little project kits I found in the Maker Shed. The most stunning find at World Maker Faire was the High Low Tech wallpaper which sang bird song when touched.

Another whole flood of inspiration came from Jenine Bressner who lampworked beads as we watched.

While there was a myriad of interesting things Trent found, I think the most “pop” was the marshmallow shooter lab, which allowed designers to build shooters of their design by offering 1/2″ PVC pipe by the piece. From the Martha Stewart bone building to the rocket cars and the Brooklyn Aerodrome Towel it was a mind expanding experience.

Trent was thrilled to find The Tinkering School Challenge where the prize was a LED throwie which encompassed a big LED a battery and a magnet. Element 14 also had throwies to build and the Drawdio. Other hits of the day were the ping pong ball catapult and the ferrofluid and I’d be remiss not to mention the furry knitted car cover.

I also must mention the NY Hall of Science’s Oobleck offering which allowed kids to experience walking on a Non-Newtonian Fluid which was awe inspiring.

The Eggbot made another appearance and this time fascinated the artists in our group.

And we got to see the Mousetrap go. Finally.

Only 8 months till the Maker Faire in California…

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