20 Directions Running

Fall is a blur so far a happy joyful watercolor painting of many things done. With September evaporating into October, I feel as if I will blink and there will be snow to seek.

My desk is cluttered with papers and things denoting all the exciting things we do and all the work that gets done to make way for more things and work. Right now as I look around there is a Sonoma County Farm Trails brochure with print-outs of Heirloom apple info tucked inside for tomorrow’s 4-H project, beside that are instructions on how to survive a Magic:The Gathering Booster draft. Underneath are flyers on 4-H projects I’m co-leading or that Trent is a member of, Lego pieces, an article on Andy Goldsworthy, Redwood Empire Food Bank donation bags, print outs from a distant cousin with whom I’m trying to rectify our family tree, Holiday Party Committee forms, jewelry pieces, recipes, a book on Alchemy, Xmas list, Symphony ticket orders, rosters… you get the idea.

Yesterday we made the coolest boxes!

I just got back from my art workshop where I managed to make 3 Monotypes in 5 hours. I’m hoping to pass along the art of the monotype in a 4-H project this year so that is the underlying inspiration to returning to the formal workshop. I’m enjoying it. It’s been 8 years since I last made monotypes. I’ve missed it a little.

In a few weeks I’m taking a fused glass class by myself. Wonders will never cease.

In the meantime busy busy busy. This week is Park Day (unmissable), Soccer, Science class at the Exploratorium, World Cooking, Arts & Science of Lucasfilm presentation Nature Art at the beach, and Cirque Boom Town.

Still so so much to do…

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