Stealing Moments

Sometimes I think i may be stealing time, I find my stolen moment either glorious revelation, satisfying distraction or wasted entirely. That makes it even more special. As I sit here writing the wind is whipping through the cold air making the trees bow and I am stealing a moment to watch Angel (not the TV series – the movie). Last week I watched Soul Kitchen. I sometimes wake a little earlier than the house and watch half a movie, or work on the Sketchbook project.

Somehow it makes the days lighter, more open to play without the knell of what could be getting done.

Play is in fact the flavor of the other moments, as the 8 year old of the house is currently passionate about Magic: The Gathering & Nerf Weaponry above all else. Since I’m the playmate of choice when at home, guess what I get to do?

I’m tired of losing though, so the other brand of stolen moment has me researching the current deck trends to find something that will outpace the sharp I play against.

So while I steal a few I give a few extra back. It seems to be working. Now if only the minutes would tick slower all around and the house would magically reorder itself every night…

The moments tick on. It’s almost next year.

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