New Weekly Task: Roast the Coffee

In between days of exploration, I have taken up roasting coffee. Using the oven method with instructions from the founder of Blue Bottle Coffee, the beans go from green to brown in less than 10 mins. My first batch was on the light side. It’s hard to get the roast right.

But I’m getting better at it. I ordered a bunch of green beans from Sweet Marias and a Porelex hand grinder from Orphan Espresso. I already have a Chemex coffee maker, mesh sieves and a gram scale, so the only other equipment was a perforated sheet pan.

Turns out I really enjoy sifting chaff from the coffee. Adoring that I’m part of the process that makes that perfect cup of morning elixir. The hardest part is waiting at least 24 hours to try the beans.

I love it when an experiment comes together!

One thought on “New Weekly Task: Roast the Coffee

  1. so, i think i must just have emerged
    from beneath a giant lilypad
    or some very foggy bog
    what a delight to discover another of your
    amazing talents

    in the words of the bard
    you go, girl!

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