Too many moments to recount

I find myself deeply ensconced in March without hardly any memory of February. The whirlwind of our winter is tinged with days at the parks, magic, science, skiing, tennis, PMC and lampworking. The whirlwind has been good though, we’ve produced things, made discoveries, had experiences and lived a lot. There have been giggles and cuddly moments. The ‘days off’ have been met with the languid pleasure of not having to move too quickly. The sparks have had time to catch. I’m sure you know what I mean.

I’m creating. T is creating.

We’ve both made rings. Rings that we can wear. More than 1 now. So exciting to work with real silver and real gemstones. I made a bracelet with Mary Neuer Lee. She is awesome and we have so much fun working with her. Trent is loving working with Davin learning the art of lampworking. They are using borosilicate glass, so he has special glasses and kevlar arm protectors.

Our Sketchbooks are in Austin, Texas right now. I’m thrilled when I get an email that someone has opened mine. T & I are also participating in Photomobile. I think we will take our cameras on our next adventure. Who knows what we might capture in Sin City.

Did I mention that we are adventuring again? Two trips are planned and detailed. I will tell you more as I have more to tell.

and I’m roasting coffee… more on that tomorrow…

I’ll leave you with bracelet that Trent designed for Claire.

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