The Shape of Things to Come… and what has come before…


So it’s almost May. The garden is planted thanks to Forni-Brown-Welsh Gardens (where we acquired this year’s heirloom tomato, pepper, melon, squash & eggplant starts), the birds are singing, and I think the rain may be done by the end of the week. That means to us that it’s Travel Time again. This year we chose simple and easy, over a long journey with many stops. This year it’s just 4 locations, one country and almost 4 weeks of exploring. I will tell you more as that unfolds.


The current state of affairs, is winding up loose threads in the winter life. Lampworking at GlassFusion Studios with Goldy has pinnacled at glassblowing. T’s first glassblowing was a huge success and eyeopener. He’s not quite big enough to do full scale glass blowing, I think, but this was a step towards it and lifted the veil. His 1st ornament is lovely. The other pieces he made; a tank, a plant stake and a cased glass mushroom, were all stunning.


Our PMC ring projects finally were finished. We work with Mary Neuer Lee and she is just amazing. My mother’s ring was one of my best I’ve done with a cherry blossom band set with a ruby. I also created a pirate treasure ring with an Alexandrite and a maze band set with a garnet, which I may never take off.


We went trout fishing last week. A first fishing trip for both Trent & I. He caught 10 fish, the biggest was 17″ long. It will not be our last trip, as fishing was a colossal hit. We went to a trout farm in Calistoga called Smith’s Mountain St. Helena Trout Farm. A great all-round first experience with bamboo fishing poles and a non-live bait. We’re all set to poke pole fish at the beach in June.

Next week is a Baseball game, a Magic: The Gathering Draft, a trip to Alcatraz & a party celebrating the early release of Sifteo small interactive fun educational cubes which we’ve been privileged to play with over the last couple weeks.


It’s certainly been quite a month. A Birthday, Spring Celebrations, Exploratorium Science Classes, a Bouverie Hike, filled the month full of color and energy, bubbles & butter. Kapla made a resurgence, requiring a revisit to marble runs and some new color planks, an RC helicopter has been a smash hit, Zometools have been utilized to make bubbles on a number of occasions, ATCs (artist trading cards) were finished and sent out, washi eggs were created, science class sparked interest in tops, rockets, butter & tin foil ovens…


Other wildness and new passions have been the launch of our own Minecraft server, T’s 1st Skype acct and Steam. Between that and youtube videos about the above, Magic: The Gathering and the ipad app EDEN (a Minecraft-like app), it’s been a whirlwind of activity at our house.


Did I mention that The Sketchbook Project 2012 event has been announced… All of our sketchbooks have been viewed as they’ve been traveling around the country. I can’t tell you the excitement at getting an email “Your Sketchbook Has Been Viewed In xxxx”!

Are you tired yet? I am. But there’s much much more ahead… We’re already planning well into August. The sky is the limit… Off we go…


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