The Fall…

As predicted the summer evaporated and now the leaves are coming down in piles. I’m not complaining about the season. I love the autumn’s chilly nights and bright crisp days. There is the stubborn matter of time, however. The moments seem to speed by at an alarming rate this time of year; or is it just me?

The Halloween Party Extravaganza planning is afoot. The boy’s costume this year was created by someone else, leaving me most obviously, with far too much time on my hands. This extra time, which is fleeting while I type, is being captured by the party planning. It’s all worth it to see the joy on the little planner’s face as he selects a demon and creates a story around it. In his head he’s designing a diorama of the house a la Halloween. The anticipation is high.

“When can we start decorating?”

Alas that wayward time is causing trouble, pushing back the date I can acquiesce to his desire and fill the house with boxes of bumps in the night. It’s like waiting for the day to try on the party dress wrapped in tissue.

The scavenger hunt will be the grand activity of the party and that we can plan right now. It diverts from crushing blow that it is still weeks until the party date. The hunt will begin with a story that will end with a clue. The hunters will plot a course which hopefully will lead them to the next location. That spot will be marked with a scary object which will send them on a new path. Some roads will take them through the foggy graveyard. Monsters will hide in the bushes. Ghosts will fly through the air. There will be invisible things brought to light. Something will glow. At the end of the hunt will be a resolution with a surprise for all. More to be revealed later… One of the planned additions to the decor is a papier-mache monster that’s was created by the little man and was awaiting some paint. Voila – a new hanging creature is available for the quest. I faux finished a coffin yesterday which will hold a clue. There will likely be 10-12 spots to discover.

In the real world I’m writing as I find inspiration and time; stocking the HuntingDragons etsy store for the Holidays and trying to bring the house to rights so the decking of the halls may begin. Plus doing all that other pesky stuff that needs to be done.

Wish me luck.

One thought on “The Fall…

  1. Wow Joanne you go all out! We can’t wait for the party. It feels like forever since we have seen you and Trent. See you soon.

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