100 Words

fountain pen with ring and handwriting

Inspired by the new site Medium created by Twitter founders, I think it would be a fun project to try a weekly 100 word post. The site is in Beta so you will have to sign up on the waiting list to get it. Once you’ve registered you can wander around a bit. Here’s the link to their 100 word page.

Here’s my first offering for 2013 :

Clouds like the inspiration in the sky are ever changing with the wind. Inspiration can come from such tiny things. The spark from occurrences or objects, or meetings, or words which in another context could create a entirely different result. We are made up of such things. A gathering of ideas and concepts picked up on the road of our life journey. Changed by happenings and meetings we are no longer who we were a moment before. I am all that I have been. I am a collection of the people I have met and the dreams that I have dreamed.

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