100 Words – Sunday February 10, 2013

20130203-181727.jpgYou might notice that this 100 word offering continues from last week’s story. There are no rules that say I can’t do a running theme or story as long as each offering is 100 words; so I may play around a bit. Still hoping that Medium.com goes live so I can read more 100 word offerings there!

Here is today’s One Hundred Words:

The dog was standing there looking at me. Something shiny in its mouth glistened in the weak light of the dawn. I slowly approached saying softly, “It’s okay boy, I won’t hurt you,” and crouched two feet away with my arm outstretched. In its mouth was a key. The hound looked at me with its soft brown eyes and then slowly put a paw forward until it was almost at my hand.

I waited and it moved forward again. Brushing my hand across the soft fur of its head, I rubbed its neck. It was wearing a brown grosgrain collar.

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