Planning the Scandinavian Adventure 2013 – The First Installment

Crazy strange people that we are, the trip we are planning to take involves no overnight cruises. A driving tour of Scandinavia may be a novel concept for most vacationers, but it fits our style to wander the countryside. In Europe these types of trips are packaged and called Self-Drive Tours where you rent a car and travel around to a pre-set itinerary. I won’t be signing up for a self-drive tour, but I will be looking at what they consider the highlights of an area before making a decision of whether the offerings are attractive enough to make a detour.

The planning of 4 country adventure by car is a daunting task and I’m just starting to piece things together. The first challenge is to find the perfect number of days for the adventure. The second is to find a place to stay about every four and half hour or less car trip. Long drives are tough for adults but suicidal with most kids/teens. Generally we like to stay 3-4 days at a location and usually aim for a minimum of 2. That means I have to find the perfect sleeping spot about four hours away from the last one. There are logistical problems to tackle as well; namely what to do with the car when you get to a city or want to take a train ride which sends you to a new location. We are not light travelers, so luggage is always a concern as is laundry. Generally we pack 7 days of clothing on a 3-4 week trip we have to find laundry facilities at least twice.

This is the first post of hopefully many in the planning process. I’ll be throwing links in at the bottom of the post which I’m using to help with the planning.

Things I’ll be looking for are: Castles/Ruins, Gardens, Places of Historical Interest, Interesting Architectural or Cultural Buildings, Restaurant destinations, Wildlife Parks, Mazes, Places of Natural Beauty, Day adventures (like glacier walking, fjord cruising, train rides, fishing, hiking), Aquariums, Museums/Art Galleries, Glass blowing experiences…

Here are some websites I’m bookmarking… The all-important restaurant short list will be my next post-in-progress πŸ™‚
Countryside Hotels – Sweden
Self- Drive Scandinavia
Profil Hotels
Smultronstallen Hotel
Svenskamoten Hotels (Business & Meeting Hotels – Sweden)
Kloster Hotel
Aland – Things to do with Family

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