The Scandinavian Adventure Planning phase 2

More focus now on how to make a loop out of the trip. It appears Stockholm is a very interesting place and I’m trying to carve an extra day out of the schedule to spend there and also allow for going to Aland, Finland. We’re having trouble calculating sane driving times to get from Norway to Sweden with the intent on going to Northern Norway (or at least as north as Trondheim or Alesund). An extra challenge will be to consider in Jutland, Denmark. By far the biggest connundrum is what to with the car between Oslo, Bergen and Flam.

Oh and did I mention we added London to the mix? It appears the trip might have to be a few days longer.

Here’s my short list of planning links:

Visit Flam
Samso Labyrinth
Ale’s Stones
Denmark Top Hotels – Tripadvisor
Sweden Top Hotels – TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor Top Norway Hotels

Care of Hotels – Sweden – Grythyttan Inn
More Self-Drive Scandinavia
Kronberg Castle (Elsinore)
Roskilde Viking Museum
Legoland Factory Tour Denmark
Glacier Walking in Norway
Visit Norway
Norled Ferry (Bergen to Flam)
Self-Drive Travel Gate Sweden
Den Gamle By
Rosenborg Castle – Copenhagen
Legoland – Billund, Denmark
Amalienborg Museum – Copenhagen
Lejere Experimental Center – Roskilde
Tollund Man – Bog Bodies – Silkeborg
Gotheborg Maritime Museum & Aquarium
Egeskov Castle – Denmark – Maze
Dalslands Kanal
Jutland Attractions (Good Highlights list of links)
Jelling Runic Stones Denmark – UNESCO WHS
Unesco World Heritage Sites – Norway
Unesco World Heritage Sites – Sweden
Urnes Stave Church – Norway

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