Hedone – London

A long and delicious lunch at Hedone in London leaves me with a lingering positive glow. From the house made bread which I argue could stand with world class examples (the crust crispy and the interior chewy in all the right ways), to a lovely wine list; pleasures of the table are presented with a masterful hand.


Two dishes standout as fine memories: the Hedone version of soup dumplings and the sweetbreads. I would never order sweetbreads on a menu, but Hedone may have changed my future plans. Taking sweetbreads to a new ethereal level, I realize now that the adage of ingredients in the right hands holds true. The Hedone sweetbreads were eye opening. Light, delicate and perfect with just a bit of crunch on the outside and soft and fluffy on the interior.

The soup dumpling concept was translated here to ravioli. The accompanying foam was Parma ham and parmigiana reggiano. The result was spectacular. I’d be happy to eat this dish again and again.

Honorable mentions must go to the foie gras mousse under the lovely pigeon leg, the perfect langoustine and scallop and the puff pastry made in house featured in the Mille feuille style dessert.







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