A Beginner’s White Sangria Recipe

20130908-191140.jpgI really like Sangria. After last week’s Red Sangria Adventure, I thought I’d try a White Version. Resting on the laurels of last week’s Red Sangria success, I settled on my already pre-calculated roll of the dice using of a ratio of 1 bottle of white wine to 1/2 cup of sugar syrup to 1/2 c of alcohol/brandy/liqueur and 3/4 bottle of sparkling water.

20130908-191149.jpgTo make the Elderflower Simple Syrup:

1/2c of Dried Elderflowers

1/2c Organic Cane Sugar**

1/2c Water

Boil 1/2c of water with 1/2c of sugar and the zest of 1 lime until the mixture boils and the sugar is completely dissolved. Stir in the dried elderflowers. *Cool. When cooled strain through a fine mesh sieve, discarding the elderflowers. You can do this in the microwave and it takes just a couple of minutes depending on the power of yours.

**Because this syrup was going into a white sangria I used Organic Cane Sugar which nets a golden colored syrup.

*Cool it fast in a metal bowl in the colder part of your fridge or in the freezer.

20130908-191028.jpgWhite Sangria Recipe

1 Asian Pear cored but not peeled cut into cubes

1 Yellow Peach or Nectarine pitted but not peeled cut into small chunks

1/2 Orange – Rind and Pith removed cut into cubes

1 Bottle White Wine – I used a Vin de Savoie

1/2c of Orange Liqueur – I used FruitLab’s Organic Orange Liqueur

3/4 bottle of Sparkling Mineral Water (to taste)

Juice of 1/2 Orange (Valencia preferred)

1/2c of Simple Syrup – I used the Elderflower Simple Syrup recipe above.

To a large pitcher add pear, peach and orange pieces, juice from the orange, Orange Liqueur, and the cooled elderflower simple syrup. Mix well. I used a yellow variety of Asian pear, but any would be great in this. Mixing White and Yellow Peaches would be fine too. I think using a Yellow Peach or Nectarine gives color to the mix.

20130908-191039.jpgAdd the bottle of  White Wine. Mix Well and taste.

Add Sparkling Water tasting after 1/2 the bottle. If you want the Sangria lighter add some more water.

If you are making this a few hours ahead for a party then add everything but the water. Then add the water just before serving.

To serve spoon some apple pieces into each glass and then pour the wine mixture over them.

I think Sangria is best served fresh. You can make it a few hours ahead but if you have to make the night before, leave the fresh fruit out until a few hours before serving.


20130908-191125.jpgNotes on ingredients:

Elderflower Syrup is available as a commerical product from D’Arbo, or Bottle Green.

Some Grocery Stores carry bulk herbs may carry Elderflowers. You can order them online from Mountain Rose Herbs.

One of many alternatives to FruitLab‘s Orange Liqueur would be St. Germain’s Elderflower Liqueur which I will try next time! I will also try 50/50 Orange and Elderflower Liqueur (1/4c of each).

Another option for color would be to add a handful of raspberries and use white peach/nectarine.

Choosing a Wine: The Vin de Savoie I chose was made from 100% Gringet grapes and had a bright acidity and strong herbal element.  Great substitutes would be a crisp Sauvignon Blanc  or a unoaked bright Chardonnay or a white Grenache.

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