Purple Cornbread with Spelt – Skillet Bread Recipe – No Wheat

Purple Corn Skillet Bread
Purple Corn Skillet Bread

I love this recipe, because it’s easy, delicious and beautiful. The purple corn flour makes the dish even more colorful, but you can use regular yellow or white corn flour. You can also use frozen white corn. This cornbread is richer and more cake-like than traditional cornbread but it’s also not as sweet. It’s also easily made Gluten-free, by switching the Spelt out for your favorite GF baking mix.


1c Purple corn flour*

1/2c Spelt flour

1/2c Stone ground polenta (fine)

1 1/2 tsp Baking powder

1/2 tsp Baking soda

1/4 tsp Salt

2 tsp Sugar

2 Eggs

2c Buttermilk

1 1/2c Whole Corn Kernels (Frozen Okay – room temperature)

1 Leek

3 tbsp Salted butter


Preheat the oven to 425F

Halve the leek and chop the white part thin rounds (which should easily fall apart). Chop the bottom third of the green part of the leek finely. Keep the top 2/3 for your next stock project. (I keep a bag in the freezer as a stock pot in progress.) In the preheated oven heat the butter until it’s melted. I used a round pyrex pie plate but you can use a square pyrex dish or a ceramic one. Carefully pull out the pan and add the leeks to the butter making sure they are well coated.  Return the pan to the oven until the leeks are starting to color about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, add the eggs to the flour, polenta, corn flour, salt, sugar, baking soda and baking powder. Mix well and then add the buttermilk. The result should look somewhat like pancake batter.

Take the leek and butter mixture from the oven and add the corn coating it well in the butter sauce. Carefully pour the batter over the corn/butter/leek mixture. It should cover it completely – don’t mix it in the pan or you’ll mess up your pretty top.

Bake for 25mins or until the internal temp is above 180F.

Remove from oven. Cool 5 minutes then carefully flip onto a plate larger than your pie plate.

Serve immediately or at room temperature with your favorite soup or chili.

Optional: Add 1/4c of shredded cheese to the batter. You can make this recipe Gluten Free by switching the Spelt Flour with your favorite GF baking mix.

* I used Organic Purple Maiz Morado Flour from Zocalo Gourmet

Purple Corn Flour from Peru
Organic Maiz Morado – Purple Corn Flour from Peru from Zocalo
Buffalo Chili with Purple Cornbread
Buffalo Chili with Purple Cornbread

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