Fanny Kemble : A Passionate Victorian

I came across this hardcover in a Goodwill store today and was stumped. Obviously Fanny was such a notable Victorian a whole book was written about her by Margaret Armstrong – yet I’d never heard of her.  

It sounds like she led a fascinating life.

From Wikipedia :

“Frances Anne “Fanny” Kemble (27 November 1809 ā€“ 15 January 1893) was a notable British actress from a theatre family in the early and mid-19th century. She was a well-known and popular writer, whose published works included plays,  

hard cover used book
 poetry, eleven volumes of memoirs, travel writing and works about the theatre.”
  Also from Wikipedia:

“Numerous books have been written about Fanny Kemble and her family, including Deirdre David’s A Performed Life (2007) and Vanessa Dickerson’s inclusion of Kemble in Dark Victorians (2008). Earlier works were Fanny Kemble (1933) by Leota Stultz Driver and Fanny Kemble: A Passionate Victorian (1938) by Margaret Armstrong”

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