Mini Book Review: The Reluctant Concubine by Dana Marton

Reluctant Concubine (Hardstorm Saga, #1)Reluctant Concubine by Dana Marton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

About a quarter of the way in, I almost bailed (aka – I almost threw it at the proverbial wall). The set up to the story is long and not that pleasant. I know that it was important to get the history and context in place, but it was a long path to what I knew would inevitably happen. The surprises lie not with the heroine but rather in the roll-out of the story path. Our heroine is set on her path from the first chapter of what she must avoid to obtain her destiny. That said (and to avoid spoilers) it was a hard road to walk with the heroine until she arrived at the more complex part of the story line. I liked the hero (when we got to him), but he was never 3-D to me – he never had a face.

Would I read the sequel? Maybe, but I wasn’t compelled to go and read it next. I was happy to go on to another book.

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