The knitting report

I’ve sworn high and low I would not fall to the great textile siren call, but a few years ago I decided it would be a mistake not to learn to knit. You know where this is going don’t you?
My first experience  was on a plain purple wool on straight bamboo needles. I knitted a few inches and declared myself ready for a project. It so happened that summer I was in SoHo and able to make the pilgrimage to the revered Purl Soho store. With my little knitter in tow – as the impetus had been for us to both learn to knit. I jumped in and declared I would knit him a scarf and he could choose the colors. He picked three. All gorgeous handmade yarns. I bit the urge to run screaming into the streets and took the plunge into the deep end. Well gee, I didn’t think that meant I would have to learn stripes. What was I thinking?

A great friend came up with the running up the side solution. Three years later the scarf is done.

Has it turned me into a knitter? A textile goddess? Well no, but I do have great respect for the knitted item and for the labor of love in choosing a yarn and spending hours with the project. I also revel in the completion glow.

So done and done? Well, no…

The next project is begun. A scarf made from delicate Alchemy Yarn on, gasp, circular bamboo needles. The insanity continues…


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