We’re Going…but Where are We Going?

Airline Tickets are booked. We’re heading to Amsterdam. That’s as far as the solidity in the travel planning goes.

Hotel booking is in progress – a slow, arduous project. We’re close on a couple and are narrowing a few more. We’ve spent our hours remaking and reworking the itinerary. I’ve made some notes of the top running choices we’ve cross-referenced so I can keep track.

So here’s that list of the leading hotels for our upcoming adventure:

Near Liege (Belgium)

  • Hostellerie Lafarque – Domaine des Douys
  • Near Rhine/Frankfurt/Mosel (Germany)

  • Auf Schoenburg
  • Near or in Rotenburg ob Taubern (Germany)

  • Schloss Sommersdorf
    Hotel Markusturm
  • Salzburg (Austria)

  • Schloss Leopoldskoin
    Schloss Haunsperg
  • Wachau (Austria)

  • Gasthof Nikolaihof
    Hotel Schloss Durnstein
    Hotel Richard Löwenherz
  • Alto Adige (Italy)

  • Schloss Korb
    Villa Tivoli
    Hotel Gardena-Grödnerhof
  • Some Castle & Historic Hotel Links:

  • Germany: Culture & Castle
    Germany: Castle Hotels
    Castle & Palace Hotels
    Live like a German (this site offers vacation rentals but some are castle apts.)
    Historic Hotels (Germany)
  • Other Travel/Hotel/Trip Planning Links:

  • Via Michelin (Yes that Michelin. – Also look at the Online Green Guides)
    The Romantic Road
    NY Times Travel Guides
    The Fairytale Road
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    Castles to Visit in the Wachau, Austria

    Turns out that we’ll be likely visiting Austrian Wine Country after all – and maybe even squeeze in a day in Vienna. There are some castles to visit too – some ruined and a lovely looking one called Rosenberg and an opulent restored one called Grafenegg. One of the castle ruins is the one that Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned at Durenstein.

    Schloss Artstetten


    Schloss Greillenstein

    Ruins of Aggstein

    and if we want some glass history: Zalto Crystal

    To get around – this card looks like it gives a discount at Austrian Attractions but I will investigate further.

    Driving Germany’s Castle Road With Kids – Articles – Travel + Leisure

    Driving Germany’s Castle Road With Kids – Articles – Travel + Leisure.

    Oh, a 365 mile drive with castles all along the way. Just what I’m looking for! I wasn’t planning on heading to Austria… but I think we may skirt over if we do this drive.

    I love “the less-touristed” description.
    here’s the adult tour article: http://www.travelandleisure.com/trips/a-drive-through-germanys-castle-country