Playing with Resin & Jewels with Susan Lenart Kazmer

April marked my 3rd year at ART IS YOU Petaluma edition, and I chose a three-day workshop Forging, Resin and Ancient Artifacts with Susan Lenart Kazmer because I wanted to learn caging. Susan is a silversmith of 20+ years and makes beautiful art jewelry. Unbeknownst to me, Susan is also the Queen of Resin, being the matriarch of Ice Resin. For the first day and a half, we played heartily with resin and bezels. Casting our own, using copper and premade metal bezels to create wonderful sgraffito on wax enamel. What fun we had with powders and pours!

The second half of the workshop focused on caged settings and then the last hurrah of putting together all of our creations into fantastic jewelry art pieces.

My almost finished pieces included a copper and white bronze collar, resin bezel drop necklace and a stunning (IMHO) caged sterling silver amethyst druzy ring.

The skill set I learned is what was truly exciting. I have a few new works in progress and some of the loose elements will end up in finished pieces.



A Journey to Stonehenge with Richard Salley

Two intensive days of melting scrap and fusing metals to create texture and interest. This is my 6th class with most amazing metal smith Richard Salley at the Art Is You artist retreat. I cobbled together five pieces in two days with a big project to work on at home started. There is still much to be done on finishing but very pleased with the results. 

1. Large Ring with Dinosaur bone with Sterling and copper 

2. Yellow dendritic opal ring in Sterling. 

3. Sterling band with bronze.

 4.Pendant with serpetina, aventurine, Sterling, copper and bronze 

5. Copper panel bracelet with Sterling silver, bronze and carnelian. 



My Latest Creation!

My Latest Creation!

I designed this Lovely Long Necklace with thinking of how shimmery threads stand out in vintage woven textiles that have metallic threads.

The colors of brown, coppery gold, burgundy, black, pink and green blend together. I adore these lampwork beads with their little pink flowers. They remind me of Monet’s paintings. The in between beads used are a mix of bronze colored glass pearls, ab coated faceted crystal, glass beads and some Japanese square beads.

Lampwork Glass Beaded Necklace – Bronze, Black, AB Crystal – 24″ Long – brown, gold, pink, green – Asian feel – copper toggle clasp – pearl