And Now For Something Completely… New


Melted Pocket Watch
Tubbs Fire Melted Pocket Watch – photo by J. Morgyn White

A few of you know that the Santa Rosa Tubbs fire destroyed the Hunting Dragons Etsy shop.

The business cards? Gone. The packaging? Gone. The raw materials? Gone. The tools? Gone. The jewels in progress? Gone. The pieces I had yet to list? Gone. . .

I’ve had nine months of healing and introspection. It’s hard to start over, and it’s harder to decide what a fresh start should look like. I’ve spent years curating a collection and to have it disappear overnight is—well, crushing.

I like to think of myself as a positive person. In that light, I wanted to re-launch HuntingDragons but to make it a phoenix rising experience. I had to wait until I was ready.

Here’s my vision to begin:

It’s going to being small.

A few exceptional pieces of vintage and one or two personal creations.

It’s going to be precious and thoughtful.

I see stories in material items. I’ve always loved a good story. Some may come with one, some I may create.

It’s going to be about unique and eclectic.

Don’t expect more of the same. I’m creating one-off pieces and offering once-in-a-lifetime finds. Think about hunting dragons…

It’s going to be personal.

Every piece I will offer had hands on it, either in creation, re-creation or the hands that pass through the years.

Mark your calendars for August 26th. I’m launching with the full moon energy.

If you would like a preview, I’d love you to sign up to the left for my newsletter. Either email at huntingadragon at gmail dotcom or sign up to the right.

Newsletter followers will have a shop preview a few days before the launch.

Interested in being teased?

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See you in August, with full firey flaming feather wings stretched.

A Mini Book Review: The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter by Rod Duncan

The Bullet Catcher's Daughter by Rod Duncan

The Bullet-Catcher's Daughter (Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire duology Book 1)The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter by Rod Duncan
Review by JM White
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


***Spoiler Alert***

Ever read a book and can’t remember whether you finished it? This is that book. I was drawn into the interesting gas-lit world. I didn’t quite buy into the twin cross-dressing idea – but heck, the world was interesting.

In the long haul, the writer lost me in the details. I was confused by the underlying plot and none of the other characters (save for maybe the agent) were memorable. I liked the idea of the living on the boat but it was hard to buy once the story set up and more of the world was revealed. Elizabeth Barnabas tries to be badass but the story falls short of making me feel like she really is.


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Playing with Resin & Jewels with Susan Lenart Kazmer

April marked my 3rd year at ART IS YOU Petaluma edition, and I chose a three-day workshop Forging, Resin and Ancient Artifacts with Susan Lenart Kazmer because I wanted to learn caging. Susan is a silversmith of 20+ years and makes beautiful art jewelry. Unbeknownst to me, Susan is also the Queen of Resin, being the matriarch of Ice Resin. For the first day and a half, we played heartily with resin and bezels. Casting our own, using copper and premade metal bezels to create wonderful sgraffito on wax enamel. What fun we had with powders and pours!

The second half of the workshop focused on caged settings and then the last hurrah of putting together all of our creations into fantastic jewelry art pieces.

My almost finished pieces included a copper and white bronze collar, resin bezel drop necklace and a stunning (IMHO) caged sterling silver amethyst druzy ring.

The skill set I learned is what was truly exciting. I have a few new works in progress and some of the loose elements will end up in finished pieces.


100 Words – March 10, 2013

One degree too hot and my vision changes. The world shifts just enough for me to question its validity and my sanity. Two degrees and I begin not to care. The heat of the fever takes control and offers no quarter until it is quite done ravaging me. The dreams arrive in marching waves of spirits released from their locked rooms. Anxious and uncomfortable I fight them with what little lucidity remains. When they are gone, I lie drenched in the tangled sheets of my own making. Dawn arrives bringing coolness and clarity, but I am too tired to notice.